OPN Application

Please provide the following information and hit “submit application” below to apply for membership to the Optometric Professional Network. Dues are $500 per year and paid on the following prorated schedule:

January: $500
February: $459
March: $417
April: $375
May: $333
June: $292
July: $250
August: $208
September: $167
October: $125
November: $83
December: $492*

*(This pays your dues for the next 13 months and reflects an early pay discount of $50.00)

By hitting “submit” below you acknowledge that:

Membership in the Optometric Professional Network (OPN) is limited to Optometrists who practice in what is conventionally considered a private practice. “Private practice” is understood to mean that the practice shall not in any way pay a franchise fee or licensing fee, nor any percentage of practice income to any entity. It is also understood that the office (sole proprietorship, corporation, professional corporation, professional association, or any other entity), its partners, directors, or employees are under no obligation to purchase materials or advertising from any particular source including but not limited to any statewide or national eye care or optical corporation. Further, the doctor member must own a majority share of the optical associated with the practice. The member doctor must not lease office or dispensary space from any national or statewide corporation nor can said member doctor practice under a trade name not wholly owned by the member doctor. Additionally, to be eligible for membership the member doctor must be in good standing with the Texas Board of Optometry, be financially solvent (not having filed for chapter 7 or 13 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code within the past 7 years) and receive sponsorship from a member in good standing of the Optometric Professional Network or one of the OPN preferred vendors.

No member of the Optometric Professional Network may use the OPN name or logo in any manner in any advertisment or communication without the express written permission of the President or Executive Director.

Your name and practice address will be submitted to the OPN membership for a period of 5 business days to allow any member who feels you are not qualified to join the OPN to make known their objection. If any objections are received, the OPN Board will review your application and make final decision. You will be notified of your acceptance following this approval process and receipt of membership fees. To expedite the process, please send your payment now as it will not be deposited until your membership is approved.

Make check payable to and mail to:
Optometric Professional Network
5300 N. Braeswood Blvd. #4-213
Houston, TX 77096